Free kindle copies on 4/30/16 & 5/1/16

Last opportunity to grab a kindle copy of Coinman free — only on 4/30 & 5/1/2016. Use the following link to get the free book:

Here are some of the critics’ reviews:

“A funny, unusual read …”
~Kirkus Reviews

“This articulate, wryly amusing creation focuses on simple situations that often have an unexpected, almost magical, twist.”
~IndieReader, 5 Stars

“A quirky, heartfelt novel about finding your identity – and keeping it. In Pawan Mishra’s oddly charming novel, readers are welcomed into the strangely neurotic, passionate, and unfulfilled existence of Coinman. The author raises the banality of normal life to new heights within this novel, and does so in an amusing and thought-provoking way. The story is uniquely enjoyable, and Coinman is a character that will be hard to forget.”
~SPR, 4 Stars

“The book is a brilliant linguistic muddle and a stunning display of stylistic somersaults. The style of the novel is an intricate mosaic fashioned with care.”
~The Bibulous Bibliobiuli, 5 Stars

“This story holds its own in the story world.”
~Ana Elise Meyer, Author of “Marie”

“This story was a breath of fresh air to read. The writing is superb and the characters are amazingly original. The author weaves together humor and insight into the nature of humanity to create a masterful piece. A must read!”
~Sara Angelo, Author of “Drift”


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